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One of my favorites from a recent session...

I will post more later when i get time!!! :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Announcements for FREE...

Here are some announcements. I decided that i won't be able to make my own cute announcements probably for awhile. I can do simple templates for you to put in frames or if you want simple announcements i can make those on my own. If you want cute decorative one's like these, then i will give them for free, thanks to generous photographers. :) I did not make these and i am not selling them. If you come to me to get your pictures done then i will give you announcements for babies or whatever you are looking for for free. I will also have x-mas one's that i will post on here for you to see. I have just one for now, and it is really cute. I know it is still far away, but not that far! If you get x-mas pictures done with me then i will give you a free greeting card that you can go print out! :) FUN! I will start giving out things like this for free, BUT only if you are using pictures i have taken of you! That's the trick here! :) If you haven't had pictures taken yet then come on over and let me take them! Anyway, make sure you look on here often. Just let me know what kind of announcement or greeting card you are looking for and i will see what i can get you. :) If you just want ONE picture taken for your Christmas cards and don't want to pay $35.00 for one picture then i will snap a few shots in a few poses and then you tell me which picture you want on your free greeting card. I will only charge $15.00 for your Christmas picture, plus you get a free Christmas greeting card. I will give it to you on a CD to print off on your own. Great deal, huh?!

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Cutie Patootie...

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Cutest Little 3 month old Girl...

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Vintage and B&W...

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